Welcome to the Music with Lindsey family!

It's an honor for me to teach music. I highly value my students and their families. I see the efforts you make and applaud you for those efforts. I am constantly impressed, inspired, and blessed by the good I see in you. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be part of your music education journey. It takes courage to develop a skill. I am cheering you on!

My son and I recently finished a book and liked this passage:

"Give yourself permission to fail. If you only try the things you believe you can do, you'll only accomplish the things you already knew you could do. But if you give yourself permission to fail, you're free to try the things that seem completely beyond your reach. And that's when the magic happens" (J. Scott Savage, Cove: Gears of Revolution, pg. 293-294).

I've seen this magic happen during lessons. It's among my favorite moments. Learning music has so many benefits but one of my favorites I've seen, as a mother of five children, is how the tenacity and discipline that comes from learning piano, singing, and other instruments translates beautifully into other areas of our lives. We gain a grit, ability and confidence that we can work through hard things. This, to me, in invaluable.

The WHY to all of these Policies

I know your time is valuable and hesitate posting all of these policies. I do it though in an attempt to make sure that we are all on the same page. Music Education is not merely about notes and rhythms, but also about style and fit. I hope my "style" of running a music studio fits you and and your child.

Please carefully read and complete this form. This form is a reflection of my goals to become more organized and transparent about my policies and expectations. Thank you for taking the time to read and complete it.

Warmest regards,
Lindsey Judd

Studio Agreements

Lesson Attendance

1. Scheduled Lesson Time *
2. Calendar *
3. (Private Lessons) One Make-Up Lesson per Semester *
4. (Private Lessons) Asking Someone to Switch Times with Me--Weekly or Long-term *
5. (Private Lessons) Consent to share Personal Information *
6. (Private Lessons) Choosing Virtual Lessons *
7. Sickness *
8. COVID-19 *
Entering Lindsey's Home Studio
Time for the entry routine should be taken into account and is suggested to be done up to, but no more than 5 minutes before the lesson so the student may receive maximum lesson time. I understand that students and families coming to the home studio will:
Check each as you read and understand
10. (Home Studio) Parking/Drop-off/Pick-up *
11. Cleaning Routine *
12. (Annual & Semester Private Students) Lesson Commitment/Notice to Quit *


1. Updated Tuition Rates *
2. Tuition Payment *note the change* *
3. Credit Card Information *
4. (Private Lessons) Annual Tuition Installment Plan *
5. (Private Lessons) Semester Tuition Installment Plan *
6. Materials *
7. Quitting and Settling Up *
8. Referral Bonus (Home Studio & Private Lessons Apply) *

Home Practice

1. (Piano Students) Instruments *
2. Music Education Roles and Responsibilities = Success *
3. (Private Lessons) Practice Outline *
4. Practice Time Commitment *
5. Practice Incentives *
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Sign by entering first and last name