Private Lessons: Piano or Voice

From: $100.00 / month for 11 months

Please choose which tuition plan best suits your family circumstances.

Tuition Rate:  Private Lessons $29/30 minutes, $43.50/45 minutes, $58/60 minutes.

  1. Annual Tuition Installment Plan: Lindsey offers lessons 42 of the 52 weeks/year. (August 22 1, 2021-August 20, 2022). The tuition installment due monthly is $100 and will be due each month (even in the summer), regardless of the number of lessons in that month. Some months may have 2 lessons, while others might have 5. This consistent monthly tuition plan is created to eliminate confusion on moneys due in any given month and provides families a predictable budget plan. The second option is the Semester Tuition Installment Plan (see below.) Students who enroll in the Annual Tuition Installment Plan (42 lessons/year) will be given priority when registering and selecting lesson times, in addition to paying a lower lesson rate.


  1. Semester Tuition Installment Plan: This is for families who do not wish to enroll in the Annual Tuition Installment Plan. Tuition is tallied per Fall and Spring semesters. Lindsey will calculate the amount of lessons per semester and divide the lessons by the months offered, ie: Late August/September-December 4 months of equal payment; January-May 5 months of equal payment. Families will be responsible to pay these Semester Installments as listed. Fall Semester includes 16 lessons total/4 equal payments of $116/month due=$464/semester. Spring Semester offers 20 lessons total/5 equal payments of $116=$580/semester.

Please complete the Studio Agreement form found HERE


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