Piano and Voice Private Lessons – Registration and Student Incentives


The Registration & Student Incentive Fee is a special built-in service to motivate students. Parents pay $60 but $42 of that can return to the student. A student earns $1 for every week he/she practices 4-5 times a week for 20-30 minutes/day, depending on their proficiency level.

I participated in a similar incentive program when I was young and it was a great way for my parents to remind me that there was a prize if I practiced. My parents appreciated that they didn’t need to come up with an incentive. My teacher had one built in to her program. Weekly rewards can instill satisfaction within students. When learning an instrument, students may feel like it is tedious in the beginning. Learning music takes time. If we have incentives along the way, we are more likely to succeed! With consistency, what may have been done for extrinsic rewards can eventually become motivated by intrinsic goals.

This fee is nonrefundable.