Piano and Voice Private Lessons – Monthly Tuition

$95.00 now, and $95.00 on the 1st of each month

Monthly tuition for private piano or voice lessons. Tuition will be billed on the day that you sign-up and on that day of the month every month hereafter. This monthly fee is calculated by 42, 30-minute lessons per calendar year. Lessons are $27/each with an annual fee totaling $1,140. The 12 month installments divides the yearly total for a consistent monthly payment. If a student should discontinue piano lessons before that annual fee is complete, the remaining balance will be calculated and due the final month.

3 make-up lessons will be made available per year when 24 hour notice is given before the missed lesson. If your regular scheduled lesson time needs to be changed, please contact Lindsey.

First payment: August 1, 2021